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“Well Established Scotch Whisky Brokers"



Bartels Rawlings International Limited is a well-established whisky brokering company.  Bartels Rawlings specialises in the buying and selling of malt & grain whisky in casks.  These casks can vary in age from first day fillings to 50 years.


Bartels Rawlings also specialises in bulk shipments of Whisky, London Dry Gin, Brandy, Vodka, Cognac and Alcohol both in drums and tanks worldwide.


Stocks consist of both Malt and Grain Scotch Whisky along with Aged Rums from all over the world. 


The company are also able to quote for Demerara White and Dark Rum in bulk and allow for producing under licence overseas our celebrated Rawlings London Dry Gin. 



Bartels Rawlings International Limited bottles the brands:

Highland Laird (single malt scotch whisky)

His Excellency (finest blended whisky)

You can see more of the Independent bottling side of the business on our sister site -

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